Twin Peaks Season 1 Viewing and Recording Schedule

We will be releasing an introductory episode soon in which everything will be explained in more detail. You can check out the About page for a very brief introduction to our podcast format.

The only important thing when viewing these episodes is that you do so before listening to the podcast. If you want to provide feedback, call in, etc. it’s very important that you watch the episode and provide the feedback before our recording date. If any changes are made to this schedule we will let you know on the blog and on twitter. Our normal schedule will be to view episodes on Monday and record on Wednesday. There will be a post on the site at the start of each week where you can leave comments. If you have already seen the entire series please do not write any spoilers under these posts. If this becomes an issue we will make feedback email only. Shows will be released on Friday afternoons/evenings New York time.

Twin Peaks Season One

S1E01 The Pilot (Viewing: Jan 11th Recording: Jan 13th)…*if you own a box set or have the option to stream the international version of the Pilot please refrain from doing so until you have watched the entire series. You will thank us later.


S1E02 Traces to Nowhere (Viewing: Jan 25th Recording: Jan 27th)

S1E03 Zen or the Skill to Catch a Kill (Viewing: Feb 1st Recording: Feb 3rd)

S1E04 Rest in Pain (Viewing: Feb 8th Recording: Feb 10th)

S1E05 The One Armed Man (Viewing: Feb 15th Recording: Feb 17th)

S1E06 Cooper’s Dreams (Viewing: Feb 22nd Recording: Feb 24th)

S1E07 Realization Time (Viewing: Feb 29th Recording: Mar 2nd)


S1E08 The Last Evening (Viewing: Mar 14th Recording: Mar 16th)