The Twin Peaks Revival Podcast is a look back on one of the most iconic television shows from the 90’s. With a new season set to premier in 2017 many new and veteran fans are once again re watching the original. That is precisely what we will be doing with this show and on this blog.

What makes this show unique is that we are not die hard fans interested in the production of the new season and we won’t be stressing over fidgety details of the original. One member of the podcast hasn’t even seen an episode and knows literally nothing about Twin Peaks. We will simply be watching the show for what it is without any preconceived notions and then see what we have to say (although we’d also love your feedback).

The idea is to pretend as though the original episodes are only now airing. Therefore we will have zero spoilers and won’t intentionally release any plot points until they happen based on our viewing and show schedule. As a new or seasoned fan this is a great way to get into the show and chime in with your opinions.

If you’ve seen the show already perfect time to rewatch it and/or if your brand new you can take comfort in knowing there’s a podcast going through each episode only theorizing based on what you’ve seen. If your joining us late it should be very easy to catch up.

If you want to support the show simply spread the word either online or by word of mouth.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Brian and Chris