Twin Peaks Revival Season 2 – Masked Ball

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After a much deserved one week break Brian and Chris return to a lackluster episode of Twin Peaks; Season 2 Epsidoe 11 Masked Ball. Apart from a quality one liner from Ernie and the return of SNAKE Brian and Chris are forced to greasp at straws and insert some of their own plot lines to make this an enjoyable episode. We hope you enjoy this ride on the back 9 with us.

Masked Ball talk starts at 29:40

6 Burning Questions

Does the major’s wife know a lot more than she’s letting on?

How do you see the Snake Nadine (Big Ned) relationship playing out?

Why did Josie go back to Catherine?

Is James going to get raped? Where do you see that storyline heading?

What’s the next move for Brother Ben now that he finds himself at the bottom of the totem poll?

Why does Windom Earle want to kill Crooper so bad?




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