Twin Peaks Revival Season 2 – Dispute Between Brothers

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It’s time to discuss Twin Peaks Season 2 Episode 10 Dispute Between Brothers. On this weeks show Nadine throws a dude 50 feet in the air, the Bobcat gets lucky, and Truman acts like a savage. Oh yeah and major Briggs may or may not have just been abducted by an Alien race to which James belongs.

But most importantly of all will Hawk finally be called to justice?

Dispute Between Brothers talk starts at the 39 minute mark (yeah we had a lot we needed to cover beforehand).

6 Burning Questions

Why does no one in Twin Peaks seem that “shook” about Leland?

What’s/who’s next for Donna 2.0 now that James is gone?

What is the white lodge?

Who was the silhouetted man we/cooper briefly saw before/during Major Briggs abduction?

Who/what abducted major Briggs and why?

Do you believe the story Catherine told Truman?

What happened to Josie? How did she end up at Harry’s?




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