Twin Peaks Revival Season 2 – Arbitrary Law

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This week Brian and Chris discuss Twin Peaks Season 2 Episode 9 Arbitrary Law. The camera’s go askew and so do your two hosts. On this weeks show the Bobcat rides Leo like a shopping cart, Benjamin Horne gets his foot fetish craving partially satisfied, and Leland…well you know.

Get ready to turn ALL THE WAY UP!

Arbitrary Law Talk Starts At 19:15

6 Burning Questions

Why is Andy (of all characters) the one repeating j’ai une ame solitaire?

WTF did Donna experience the last time she was at the Tremond joint? Is that old lady telling the truth?

Why in the secret journal entry did Laura not mention kissing Cooper?

What sort of ring did James give to Donna?

What’s the significance of Cooper’s ring? Genuinely I don’t get it.

Why does Leland keep referring to Bob as THEY…is Bob They (Khaled’s They)?




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