Twin Peaks Revival Season 2 – Drive With a Dead Girl

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After last weeks INTENSE episode Brian and Chris are easily able to fall back into character as they discuss Twin Peaks Season 2 Episode 8 Drive with a Dead Girl.

On this weeks episode Gwen absolutely roasts Andy (someone may need to call a burn unit), Bobby licks up some Leo spit mustard, and PETE confesses his love. All that and OH so much more on this Halloween themed episode. FYI Ernie and Hank used to be Prison mates.

6 Burning Questions

What do you think Sara believes happened the previous night. She seems totally oblivious?

Was Bob just messing around pretending he was going to club cooper or was he like YOLO and planning to do it?

What do you think Hank has been up to in the past 48 hours? What happened to Jean Renault and the dead guy(s) at One Eyed Jacks?

What are Pete and Harry going to do about the Josie situation?

How long before Hank spills the beans about Ernie…I think we all know it’s not an IF but a WHEN?

How is this blackmail thing with the Bobcat and Horne going to play out? Whose going to end up playing whom?



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