Twin Peaks Revival Season 2 – Lonely Souls

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The Big One. Twin Peaks Season 2 Episode 7 Lonely Souls. Brian and Chris somehow manage to keep their obnoxious wise ass tone up even when discussing one of the most brutal and shocking hours of television in history. It’s a whirl wind of emotions in the dungeon especially for Chris who attempts to recover after viewing this episode for the very first time.

Some highlights include the one armed man having a freakout we all can relate to, the Bobcat looking for a quick getaway (that most of us can relate to), and Pete makes out with a Japanese Man (only a few of us can relate to… possibly Kevin). All that and so much more on this weeks show.

6 Burning Questions

Why did Sarah have a vision of a white horse?

Did Leland/Bob drug Sarah or is she self medicating as a way to “escape” from the horrifying reality?

Why are Donna and Bobby breaking down in the roadhouse while James remains completely unaffected?

What’s on the tape the Bobcat and Mike found?

What caused the One Armed Man’s breakdown? Did it have anything to do with Brother Ben?

Who will be Bob’s/Lelands next victim?



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