Twin Peaks Revival Season 2 – Demons

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The Gifted and the….DAMNED!!! We all know which end of the spectrum we’re on. This week more strange noises from the one armed man, one hell of a party at Shelly’s Love Shack, and Truman’s Eater Island stare.Oh Truman if you only took some cues from the Bobcat you wouldn’t be in this situation (NEVER SAY I LOVE YOU).

6 Burning Questions (This Week We Got 7)

What does Smith mean by unclean and contaminate? What does the immediate future hold for his character?

Is Ben aware that Audrey was the “New Girl”?

Will the bobcat and Shelley last? Is their love as strong as our love with JP Beardley?

What is Jonathon’s actual relationship to Josie? Was it or was it not rape?

What is Leland the WHITE planning to do with that fake fur?

Is Mike really a good spirit (trying to stop Bob) or is he a trickster… could he possibly be misleading them for his own agenda?

Who will be Bob’s next victim?



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