Twin Peaks Revival Season 2 – The Orchid’s Curse

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Have we finally gone too far? Nahhhh

This week things get incredibly weird. A caller recounts a cuckold fantasy, we learn that Truman likes to watch, Maddie Third Degree Burns James, and oh yeah Hawk just killed a dude. In the premium section the subway debate rages on and the Top 5 Hate Em segment features a few surprises. This episode carries a HEAVY E rating. You have been warned. Don’t just enjoy this episode by yourself share it with your whole damn town. #LelandJustGotBail

6 Burning Questions (oh s*** guess it was just 5)

Has Smith had his V-card swiped? AKA did he and Laura do it or did Laura take sick pleasure in just stringing him along?

Was the story Donna told to Smith true?

What caused Smith to collapse to the ground when he stepped outside? He seemed to look up to the sky and his arm started shaking before hand.

What is in a black Yukon sucker puncher?

Will Leo eventually wake up? What will he do if and when he does?



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