Twin Peaks Revival Season 2 – Drive With a Dead Girl

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After last weeks INTENSE episode Brian and Chris are easily able to fall back into character as they discuss Twin Peaks Season 2 Episode 8 Drive with a Dead Girl.

On this weeks episode Gwen absolutely roasts Andy (someone may need to call a burn unit), Bobby licks up some Leo spit mustard, and PETE confesses his love. All that and OH so much more on this Halloween themed episode. FYI Ernie and Hank used to be Prison mates.

6 Burning Questions

What do you think Sara believes happened the previous night. She seems totally oblivious?

Was Bob just messing around pretending he was going to club cooper or was he like YOLO and planning to do it?

What do you think Hank has been up to in the past 48 hours? What happened to Jean Renault and the dead guy(s) at One Eyed Jacks?

What are Pete and Harry going to do about the Josie situation?

How long before Hank spills the beans about Ernie…I think we all know it’s not an IF but a WHEN?

How is this blackmail thing with the Bobcat and Horne going to play out? Whose going to end up playing whom?



Twin Peaks Revival Season 2 – Lonely Souls

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The Big One. Twin Peaks Season 2 Episode 7 Lonely Souls. Brian and Chris somehow manage to keep their obnoxious wise ass tone up even when discussing one of the most brutal and shocking hours of television in history. It’s a whirl wind of emotions in the dungeon especially for Chris who attempts to recover after viewing this episode for the very first time.

Some highlights include the one armed man having a freakout we all can relate to, the Bobcat looking for a quick getaway (that most of us can relate to), and Pete makes out with a Japanese Man (only a few of us can relate to… possibly Kevin). All that and so much more on this weeks show.

6 Burning Questions

Why did Sarah have a vision of a white horse?

Did Leland/Bob drug Sarah or is she self medicating as a way to “escape” from the horrifying reality?

Why are Donna and Bobby breaking down in the roadhouse while James remains completely unaffected?

What’s on the tape the Bobcat and Mike found?

What caused the One Armed Man’s breakdown? Did it have anything to do with Brother Ben?

Who will be Bob’s/Lelands next victim?


Twin Peaks Revival Season 2 – Demons

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The Gifted and the….DAMNED!!! We all know which end of the spectrum we’re on. This week more strange noises from the one armed man, one hell of a party at Shelly’s Love Shack, and Truman’s Eater Island stare.Oh Truman if you only took some cues from the Bobcat you wouldn’t be in this situation (NEVER SAY I LOVE YOU).

6 Burning Questions (This Week We Got 7)

What does Smith mean by unclean and contaminate? What does the immediate future hold for his character?

Is Ben aware that Audrey was the “New Girl”?

Will the bobcat and Shelley last? Is their love as strong as our love with JP Beardley?

What is Jonathon’s actual relationship to Josie? Was it or was it not rape?

What is Leland the WHITE planning to do with that fake fur?

Is Mike really a good spirit (trying to stop Bob) or is he a trickster… could he possibly be misleading them for his own agenda?

Who will be Bob’s next victim?


Twin Peaks Revival Season 2 – The Orchid’s Curse

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Have we finally gone too far? Nahhhh

This week things get incredibly weird. A caller recounts a cuckold fantasy, we learn that Truman likes to watch, Maddie Third Degree Burns James, and oh yeah Hawk just killed a dude. In the premium section the subway debate rages on and the Top 5 Hate Em segment features a few surprises. This episode carries a HEAVY E rating. You have been warned. Don’t just enjoy this episode by yourself share it with your whole damn town. #LelandJustGotBail

6 Burning Questions (oh s*** guess it was just 5)

Has Smith had his V-card swiped? AKA did he and Laura do it or did Laura take sick pleasure in just stringing him along?

Was the story Donna told to Smith true?

What caused Smith to collapse to the ground when he stepped outside? He seemed to look up to the sky and his arm started shaking before hand.

What is in a black Yukon sucker puncher?

Will Leo eventually wake up? What will he do if and when he does?