Twin Peaks Revival Season 2 – The Man Behind Glass

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The boys are back and recording in a new location. The Twin Peaks episode on tap is Season 2 Episode 3 The Man Behind Glass. We learn about Harold Smith and finally get to see the Donna, Maddie, James love triangle come to a head. Oh yeah and the one armed man may or may not have left an upper decker in the sheriff’s station bathroom.

6 Burning Questions

We know Harold Smith used to be a horticulturist… now that we’ve had a chance to meet him what caused him to become a shut in?

How does Harold seem to know (literally) everything about Laura?

What the hell is a poodle enthusiast (flesh world issue)?

Whose the father of Lucy’s baby? Andy, Dick, someone else…Or is she just making up the pregnancy for attention?

What did the one armed man turn into…what is his relationship to Bob?

What does the Asian man want? Why is following cooper and calling for Josie (last week)?



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