Twin Peaks Revival Season Two – May the Giant Be With You

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After 6 months there’s obviously a LOT we need to catch up on. We’ve finally gotten our thumbs out of our asses and we’re ready to “BRING THE THUNDER.” On this weeks show we discuss Twin Peaks Season 2 Episode 1 May the Giant be With You. From the Bobcat’s lackluster response to Shelley’s I Love You to Leland’s hair turning white we cover it all. This is a long one so you might want a pot or two of black coffee on standby.

6 Burning Questions

What’s going to happen to Audrey at One Eyed Jacks?

What’s up with the weird room service delivery guy and the Giant? Are they somehow connected or is it just a weird coincidence?

Is the Giant to be trusted? Is he connected to Bob?

What is up with Donna and this whole Femme Fatale thing she’s got going on? Are you fan of Donna 2.0?

The Giant referenced that only 1 person has “seen” Laura’s Killer…Who is that person?

Why did Leland’s hair turn white?



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