Twin Peaks Revival Season 2 – Laura’s Secret Diary

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Bless Up and Strap Up. This week Brian and Chris analyze, dissect, and desecrate Twin Peaks Season 2 Episode 4 Laura’s Secret Diary. This episode was recorded late night in the dungeon so you may want to “medicate” yourself before listening to this one. Lengthy conversations on Andy’s jizz vile, Smith’s creep creeping, and Hank’s failed reverse roundhouse kick. One thing is for sure we are ALL THE WAY UP.

6 Burning Questions

Does Josie really love Truman? Does Truman really love Josie?

What’s the deal on now the second weird Asian man at the Great Northern?

Why did Harold read that passage from the journal to Donna? That had to be intentional.

What is Hank going to do with DA’s liscense and/or has Hank already done something to the man?

It seems as though whatever Josie and Hank are into is one serious long con? Whose pulling the strings and why?

What does Benjamin Horne really want? I’m not sure Audrey’s safety is of paramount concern to him at the moment.



Twin Peaks Revival Season 2 – The Man Behind Glass

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The boys are back and recording in a new location. The Twin Peaks episode on tap is Season 2 Episode 3 The Man Behind Glass. We learn about Harold Smith and finally get to see the Donna, Maddie, James love triangle come to a head. Oh yeah and the one armed man may or may not have left an upper decker in the sheriff’s station bathroom.

6 Burning Questions

We know Harold Smith used to be a horticulturist… now that we’ve had a chance to meet him what caused him to become a shut in?

How does Harold seem to know (literally) everything about Laura?

What the hell is a poodle enthusiast (flesh world issue)?

Whose the father of Lucy’s baby? Andy, Dick, someone else…Or is she just making up the pregnancy for attention?

What did the one armed man turn into…what is his relationship to Bob?

What does the Asian man want? Why is following cooper and calling for Josie (last week)?


Twin Peaks Revival Season 2 – Coma

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On this weeks Milktin Dou charged episode we discuss Twin Peaks Season 2 Episode 2 Coma. We hit all the major plot points including Lucy’s brutal fly execution and a creamed corn FAKEOUT! Plus a new segment (power move of the week) which may or may not involve the Log Lady.

6 Burning Questions

Who called for Sheriff Truman but wouldn’t leave a name? (Great Work Lucy)

Did Leland really have an encounter with Bob…if yes what do you think happened between them?

What was up with the message the major delivered to cooper? What more does the major know that he’s not letting on?

Explain the significance of creamed corn? (looking forward to this answer) What happened to that creamed corn…shit looked like it vanished…was there even creamed corn to begin with?

What’s the story on Harold Smith…the man who won’t leave his house? How much do you think he weighs?

What caused Hank and Truman’s relationship to go south?


Twin Peaks Revival Season Two – May the Giant Be With You

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After 6 months there’s obviously a LOT we need to catch up on. We’ve finally gotten our thumbs out of our asses and we’re ready to “BRING THE THUNDER.” On this weeks show we discuss Twin Peaks Season 2 Episode 1 May the Giant be With You. From the Bobcat’s lackluster response to Shelley’s I Love You to Leland’s hair turning white we cover it all. This is a long one so you might want a pot or two of black coffee on standby.

6 Burning Questions

What’s going to happen to Audrey at One Eyed Jacks?

What’s up with the weird room service delivery guy and the Giant? Are they somehow connected or is it just a weird coincidence?

Is the Giant to be trusted? Is he connected to Bob?

What is up with Donna and this whole Femme Fatale thing she’s got going on? Are you fan of Donna 2.0?

The Giant referenced that only 1 person has “seen” Laura’s Killer…Who is that person?

Why did Leland’s hair turn white?