Twin Peaks Revival Season One – Realization Time

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05 Big Ed Blows it Again

On this weeks episode of Twin Peaks Revival Brian and Chris discuss Season One Episode 7 of Twin Peaks – Realization Time. The Big Bad Bobcat has his eyes set on James while Leo remains a much more significant threat, Maddie gets thrown right into harms way (cough thanks pals), and Waldo gets murdered. That and lots of random banter on this weeks show (we apologize in advance).

6 Burning Questions

Why is a doctor calling Lucy and why isn’t she pleased about the news?

Would a Myna birds testimony hold up in court?

What was the meaning of Waldo’s Dont Go There, Leo No mimicry?

Did whoever filmed the Faux Laura scare tape intentionally include the shot of the White Gazebo?

What’s in the bag Bobby stuffed in James’s motorcycle?

Is there someone stalking Maddie in the woods, if yes who, why, how?


Jabberwocky – Pola (The Geek x VRV Remix)

This Episode is brought to you thanks to our super sexy sponsor MLFOTOS.


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