Twin Peaks Revival Season One – Rest in Pain

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08 leland again

On this weeks episode of Twin Peaks Revival… Bobby Briggs shouts Amen, Leland Palmer belly flops on Laura’s coffin, and things get a little “Turnt Up” all around.

Brian and Chris discuss season 1 episode 4 of Twin Peaks – Rest in Pain. Not our favorite episode by any stretch but that doesn’t stop us from having fun with it.

6 Burning Questions

Why was Benjamin Horne at the morgue with Laura’s body whilst Albert was “digging” around?

Is Agent Cooper’s love for the town and people of Twin Peaks clouding his judgement?

Do the people of Twin Peaks know more about Laura than they’re letting on a la Bobby’s speech?

What did Sarah mean when she said, “Don’t Ruin this Too!” at Leland?

Any thoughts on Dr. Jacoby’s backstory?

What sort of darkness/presence is lurking in the woods? Is it possible Big Ed, Hawk, and Truman are making it all up to distract Cooper?


Nari and Milani – I Got My Eye On You (for all you out there getting your Leland on at Love Nightclub)

This Episode is brought to you thanks to our loyal and fantastic sponsor MLFOTOS.


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