Twin Peaks Revival Season One – Zen or the Skill to Catch a Killer

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GO TO YOUR ROOM! (that is directed at the person who gave us a 2 star rating and no review)

Brian and Chris discuss season 1 episode 3 of Twin Peaks – Zen or the Skill to Catch a Killer. This is the episode where S*** gets real. Find out who wins the award for best dancer (Audrey, Leeland, Brother Jer or the Little Man) and Chris already has a theory for the origins of Bob and Mike.

6 Burning Questions

What is Leo Johnson’s connection to Laura Palmer?

Who left the Jack with One eye message for Cooper and for what reason?

Who was out in the woods with Leo? Was Leo even aware someone was out there?

Someone explain that perfectly thrown football?

What convinced Audrey Horne to get up and start dancing in the Double?

What’s up with the dancing dwarf in the red room? Theories, Thoughts, Questions?

This Episode is brought to you thanks to our loyal and fantastic sponsor MLFOTOS.


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