Twin Peaks Revival – Cooper’s Dreams BONUS Content

What does Jacques Renault have in his kitchen cupboards? We certainly couldn’t figure it out.


Twin Peaks Revival Season One – Cooper’s Dreams

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the Femme Fatale2

It’s Twin Peaks Revival After Dark here to discuss Season One Episode Six of Twin Peaks Cooper’s Dream’s. Find out who turned on the music during Brother Jerr’s speech, what Cooper should have done to avoid all the noise at the Great Northern, and what happens when you offer someone a tic tac after a makeout session. Plus has the MOMBOB controversy been solved?

6 Burning Questions

Why is Leland so “afraid” to leave Twin Peaks on a vacation?

Will Big Ed and Norma end up together when all is said and done?

What role did (if any) did Hank have in Laura’s death?

Why does he Log Lady keep referring to owls?

What do you think is on the film that Hawk recovered from the cabin?

What is really going on with Benjamin Horne, Femme Fatale Josie, and Catherine? Who is is the playa and who getting played?

1 Sizzling Question

Who turned on Pennsylvania 6-5000 during Brother Jerr’s speech?


2X2A – We Were in Love

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Twin Peaks Revival Season One – The One Armed Man

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And Uncle Leland is up half the night listening to old music and crying and stuff (pretty much sums up most of us). On this weeks show the one armed man is discovered, the big bad bobcat plants some evidence, and the meaning behind Hank’s domino key chain. Brian and Chris discuss Twin Peaks – The One Armed Man.

6 Burning Questions

What’s the significance of Hank’s Domino?

Does Shelly really believe Bobby will be able to solve the “Leo problem” or will she have to take of it herself?

Is there more than meet’s the eye with the one armed man?

Why is Lucy so upset with Andy?

What did Leo have to gain by straight up murdering Bernard?

How does Josie know Hank? She wasn’t too happy about getting that call.


Mazde – Battas (feat. LissA)

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