Twin Peaks Revival Season One – Traces to Nowhere

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On this weeks show Brian and Chris dissect episode two of Twin Peaks; Traces to Nowhere. Big Ed recovers from his kidney punch but can’t help but make excuses, Nadine comes up with a brilliant invention, a fish winds up in the percolator, and James, well he just keeps being James. As always no spoilers.

6 Burning Questions

How did that fish end up in the percolator?

What relationship is more disturbing…Pete/Josie or Laura/Dr. Jacoby?

Why is there so much emphasis placed on cherry pie and coffee (specifically with cooper)?

Who did Sara Palmer see in her vision? Thoughts on how this vision is connected to Laura?

Why was the one arm manned going into either A) The Morgue B) Oxygen Storage or C) Both?

What sort of work does Major Briggs do?


kiiara – Feels

The E stands for explicit (Definitely True this Week)

This Episode is brought to you thanks to our loyal and fantastic sponsor MLFOTOS.


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