Twin Peaks Revival Season One – The Pilot

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The Pilot

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On this weeks show Brian and Chris discuss The Pilot episode of Twin Peaks. Since this episode runs for 90 minutes we have a longer episode than normal. Laura Palmer the high school prom queen is found dead (wrapped in plastic) and the town reacts. Another high schooler is reported missing but later returns prompting FBI involvement. Oh yeah and a couple of guys start barking in a jail cell. Like always No Spoilers. Feel free to send in questions, theories, or answers to the questions we ask. The crazier the better. Be sure to visit the website in the coming week for bonus content and show analysis. Help us spam the interwebs this week! We’ll be back talking Traces to Nowhere the week of January 25th.

6 Burning Questions from The Pilot

#1 Why is there FBI involvement so quickly for this small town murder and disappearance? Does Cooper/FBI know more than they’re letting on?

#2 Why did Laura have a secret safety deposit box. Why was there $10,000 and a copy of Fleshworld in there?

#3 What is the meaning of the phrase “Fire Walk With Me” discovered by Sheriff Truman and Agent Cooper at the alleged scene of the crime?

#4 When Cooper touches Ronnette Pulaski she says, “Don’t Go There”… What do you think she means?

#5 What’s up with the log lady? Just some crazy towny who enjoys flipping lights or is there something going on beyond the log?

#6 Why do all the women seem to like James Hurley? truly baffling????

Dinnerdate – Memoire


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